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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide what the right garage door for me is?

It will depend on several factors. You have to consider the size and set up of your garage, with respect to the rest of your house. Budget is also of question. Finally, your preferences are also up for consideration. Ultimately, it depends on you, but the ones mentioned are the typical considerations.

Can I decide on the color and design of my garage door?

Yes, we would have standardized designs, but we also let our clients have a free hand in designing their own garage doors. You can choose a different color palette, or even design one according to your preferences and your personality. We will allow you be creative in the process.

Will my garage door be difficult to maintain after the initial set-up?

No. Our garage doors are designed to be of easy maintenance after the initial set up. You can do some of the simple maintenance tasks like cleaning and peeling off tasks yourself. But it is highly recommended that you seek professional help for more complex tasks to ensure you’ll do them right.

I already have an existing garage door, can we tear it down and install a new one?

Yes, this can be done. It will still depend on how the door is attached to the garage and the house, but tearing down an existing door to build a new one is possible. You can better decide on how you want the new one to appear.

How much should be the budget for a standard garage door?

This really depends on the finished garage door you envision. It can depend on the size, features, design, among other things. It is important to set your own budget in deciding for your own garage door even before you contact a professional so he or she can work on that.

Can you customize garage doors?

Yes, customization should be alright. Depending on your requirements and our set standards, we should be able to work on customizing the garage door that you like. This can take longer than usual, but this should be expected, given the extra effort to match your garage door to your own requirements.

Can I reuse materials from an old garage door?

This can be done, provided that the materials retrieved are still safe and are still useable. We also believe in practicality and recycling, but it should be within the bounds of safety and reasonability. We can work together in deciding if a material can be reused and remodeled into the new one.

If I change my mind midway into construction, can I still change my garage door?

It depends on how far we are into the construction, and also the extent of the change you want to implement. While there is a possibility that we cannot change everything if we have already started construction, we can assure you that we will work with you to check what we can still do.

Can I leave all the decisions with you regarding how my garage door will look?

We can also do that, but we will still consult you every step of the way. We will discuss our choices after a careful study of your house and your requirements. We will still need your input, and we might still ask you for the final approval of our recommendation.

Would you have after-sale service?

Yes, definitely. Our service does not stop upon the installment of your new garage door. We can still work together in maintaining and upgrading your garage door. It can be an on-going consultation and/or collaboration between us so as to fully satisfy your needs and requirements for your garage door.

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