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Garage door technology has made many strides over the years, from remote control openers to smart security systems. Another notable innovation in garage door technology is the garage door keypad. This can provide an extra measure of security if someone wishes to try breaking into your home via your garage door. But what if something happens and you realize you don’t know how to change code on garage door keypad? To ensure you’re prepared for this situation, read this blog to learn how to change code on garage door keypad. 


When To Change Code On Garage Door Keypad 

Before learning how to change code on garage door keypad, it’s important to know when to change it. Here are a few scenarios that might require you to change your garage door keypad’s code. 


1. A Recent Break-In Or Break-In Attempt

If your home recently experienced a break-in or attempted break-in, it’s time to enhance your home security system. During this enhancement, you should also change the keypad code for your garage door. That way, if there’s another attempt, there’s a lower chance of successfully breaking into your home.  


2. Too Many People Know The Code

Did you need someone to pet sit while you were out of town? Maybe you asked someone you trust to get something from your home to bring to you a while ago?  If too many people know the garage door keypad code, its primary purpose will be rendered ineffective. After changing the code, only tell a select few people so it doesn’t become common knowledge. 


3. Routinely Changing It For Extra Security

Some people like to update their passwords to maintain a sense of security. That same principle applies to garage door keypad codes. You might be thinking of changing the code every three or four months in order to decrease the chances of someone successfully breaking into your home. Try not to reuse the same one over and over. 


4. You Forgot The Original Code

Everyone forgets things. From email passwords to alarm codes, keeping track of all the security codes and passwords in your life can be overwhelming, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget your garage door keypad code. If you’re worried about forgetting your code, use a keypad that accepts four digits, so it’s easy to remember. 


How To Change Code On Garage Door Keypad In 4 Steps

Knowing when you might need to change your garage door keypad code will help you feel more ready to learn how to change code on garage door keypad. Please keep in mind that no single garage door keypad and opener are alike. Though the instructions in this blog are consistent across the board, you should still consult the appropriate user manual to be mindful of any discrepancies. 

how to change code on garage door keypad

1. Locate The Garage Door Opener 

The first step in how to change code on garage door keypad is to locate the motor or opener. You might need a ladder to reach this component, so ensure you have one available. Have a second person spot you for additional safety while completing this task. 


2. Press The Learn Or Reset Button 

Depending on your garage door opener, you’ll need to find either a learn or a reset button. Once you’ve found the learn or reset button, press it until you see a light go out. The light going out indicates that the old code has been wiped from your opener’s memory. Wait a few moments, then press the rest or learn button again until it lights up. This means that your opener is ready to receive a new code. 


3. Enter Your New Code In The Keypad

Descend the ladder and enter your new code in the garage door keypad. After entering the new code, you’ll either see a light on the motor to indicate it was accepted, or you’ll press enter so the opener accepts this new code. After testing out the new code, you’ll be ready for the final step. 


4. Reprogram The Remotes 

The last step in this process is to reprogram any and all garage door remotes. This part of the process has the most variations depending on the type of opener your garage door uses. With the user manual’s help, reprogram all garage door remotes so that they can still do their job. 


Keep Your Garage Door Secure With Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe!

We hope you feel more confident about how to change code on garage door keypad. Your keypad is just one part of your garage door security system. Other parts include your remote, the opener itself, and the overall ability of your garage door to perform. If you live in Conroe and want to know how you can boost your garage door’s security capabilities, contact us today!


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