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Your garage door is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Garage doors cost anywhere from $1,000 to even $10,000! It depends on the manufacturer you choose, how much you customize your garage door, and what the market price is for materials at the time of purchase. Because garage doors are expensive, it is important not to dive into purchasing one. Choosing the right appliance for your home is a time-consuming process. You have to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to style and material. 

Material, especially, is a big decision. Not every material is right for your lifestyle and your climate. Thus, you should put a lot of consideration into choosing one. Are you looking for the best garage door materials for your home? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to the best garage door materials here. 

5 Best Garage Door Materials For Your Home 

Okay, so you know the importance of choosing the right materials for your home. But now you need to know which garage door materials are available on the market. Here are five materials you can choose from: 

1. Steel 

Steel is one of the best materials available for many reasons. First, it is extremely durable, and it holds up well to 24/7 exposure to the elements. That means steel is a safe option for nearly any climate, hot or cool. Steel is also easy to care for. If you are a homeowner who doesn’t have a lot of spare time for maintenance, steel will serve you well. Finally, steel is one of the most versatile materials available. You can get steel in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. 

Steel does come with a few drawbacks, but not enough of them to detract from its value. Steel is not a good insulator on its own, meaning you will likely have to invest in garage door insulation to avoid energy bills skyrocketing. Additionally, this material may dent easily, detracting from the look of your garage door. 

2. Wood 

Wood’s main attraction is its beauty. This material is timeless. A true classic, wood makes any home where it is installed seem more sophisticated and elegant. Like steel, it is durable and long-lasting when you invest in regular care. This material is also eco-friendly, making it a great choice for sustainable homeowners who care for the environment. 

Unfortunately, wood is one of the more expensive garage door materials available on the market. It is also high-maintenance. Wood is vulnerable to moisture damage such as rotting, warping, and cracking. Without proper sealing, your wood garage door will not last long. Thus, if you are somebody who does not want to actively care for this part of your home, wood isn’t a good option for you. Unless you live in a dry climate, moisture damage is always a risk. 

A garage door made out of fiberglass, which is one of the best garage door materials

3. Vinyl 

Vinyl is an excellent choice for homeowners in all climates. It can withstand any type of weather, and it is affordable and low-maintenance as well. This material is highly versatile when it comes to design options, allowing you to choose from many different styles and colors. Vinyl can mimic materials like wood without the detraction of complicated care. 

The main drawback of vinyl is its low insulation quality. Vinyl by itself will not trap hot and cold air well, which is a concern if your garage is attached to your home. Unless you invest in a pre-insulated garage door or add insulation yourself, you may notice a rise in your utility bills. 

4. Fiberglass 

Fiberglass works well for individuals who live in a warm climate. This material is lightweight, which means it puts less strain on your garage door opening system. It is also affordable and environmentally friendly. 

Unfortunately, fiberglass is not durable, so you so have to be careful if you choose this garage door material. Over time, fiberglass grows brittle, making it easy to break. This is especially true if you live in a windy area. Constant pressure from wind can cause tremendous damage to your garage door. 

5. Aluminum 

Aluminum offers acceptable durability and strength, but it is more lightweight than other metals, such as steel. Its light weight makes it easier to move up and down, which puts less strain on your garage door opening system. This material also does not rust or corrode, meaning you can install it in moist climates. Finally, aluminum is recyclable, making it a more eco-friendly option. 

Aluminum is easily dented, so you do have to be careful when backing your car in and out of the driveway. It also does not do well in high heat. Thus, if you are in a desert climate, you may want to consider another option. 

We Can Help Install the Best Garage Door Materials! 

We hope you have found our informative blog on the best garage door materials helpful. If you need help selecting garage door materials or with installation, maintenance, and repair, our team has you covered. Our professionals at Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe are here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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