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Are you putting enough thought into your garage door? We hope so. A lot of people make the mistake of ignoring their appliances. They get them installed, and then they never pay them any thought after that. So their garage doors sit and take a beating from the weather, getting sprayed with salt, snow, and ice during the winter and blistering in the summer. Their appliances open and close whenever necessary, but wear and tear start to take their toll. Their exteriors start to rust, parts of their opening system fail, and still, they are not given the attention they deserve. 

One thing we suggest to prevent this from happening to your door is investing in its appearance. When you take enough interest and time in your appliance’s looks, you are less likely to let it go. You’ll be more interested in preserving it. Thus, we are here to give you four garage door ideas to enhance the look of your appliance and increase the curb appeal of your home. Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

1. Paint Your Appliance 

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders. It can transform old, scratched-up furniture into groovy new accent pieces, make a room look brighter and cleaner, and take your garage door to the next level. This is an easy, budget-friendly way to transform your appliance. The best part is that you can save costs on labor by DIYing. It isn’t difficult to paint your garage door yourself. All you need is latex exterior paint, a primer, and a brush. Just make sure to clean your garage door first and paint on a day when the weather isn’t too hot. 

Also, make sure to choose a paint color that matches the style and design of your home. If your home is ultramodern, stick with black and white. For a more rustic look, you can use neutral wood tones. If you have a whimsical property, colors like blue, green, red, and yellow become options. It doesn’t matter what color you choose as long as it doesn’t clash with your home’s overall aesthetic. 

2. Purchase Decorative Hardware

Hardware for your garage door doesn’t have to be boring or plain. There are a lot of options out there that can enhance the design of your appliance. Latches, handles, and hinges come in many different styles. You can also create patterns using decorative nails. Out of all the garage door ideas on this list, switching out the hardware on your appliance is one of the easiest. If you want to create a new look in less than two hours, this route is right for you. 

A green garage door with decorative hardware that an owner used garage door ideas for curb appeal to enhance

3. Add Windows 

Windows give you two benefits in one feature. First, they make your home look beautiful. There are a lot of stunning garage door window designs out there, some simple and others more intricate. You can create different patterns using inserts and grilles, which allow you to break a larger pane of glass into smaller pieces for more design options. The second benefit of adding windows to your door is that you will get more natural light in your garage. This makes it more pleasant to work inside the space. It may also save you money on electricity if you don’t have to use your artificial lights during the day. 

4. Get Garage Door Lights 

Lights can add a lot of personality to a space. That is why interior designs sometimes opt for chandeliers and other fancier options. But indoor spaces aren’t the only places that can benefit from attractive lighting. Installing lights around your garage door can help enhance the design. It will also increase security and safety, as burglars and other criminals are likely to stay away from well-lit properties. 

Need Help Implementing Garage Door Ideas? 

We hope these garage door ideas have helped you think of new ways to make your home more attractive. Curb appeal is important. You want to make a good first impression with guests and neighbors. Plus, as we said, investing in your garage door will help you feel more inclined to take care of it and extend its lifespan. But maybe DIYing seems overwhelming to you. Do you need help implementing garage door ideas or need maintenance and repair services? Contact our team at Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe TX today

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