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Do you have an automatic garage door? If so, there is one thing that you have to know: Automatic doors are one of the most convenient appliances available. What is better than being able to open your door without ever having to leave your car? You don’t have to worry about rain, hail, cold air, humidity, or any other form of unpleasant weather. Thanks to the help of a remote or clicker, you get to stay comfortable in your vehicle year-round while still being able to get in and out of your garage. 

But there’s something you might not know: Your automatic garage door needs an intricate opening system to move up and down. This system is more complex than you might imagine. It involves many moving parts, such as your cables, springs, rollers, tracks, and motor. One of the most important pieces is the garage door motor. The garage door motor supplies power to the whole system, allowing the other pieces to move up and down. Thus, it is important you maintain this part of your appliance and learn more about it. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about garage door motors! 

How Long Do Garage Door Motors Last? 

If you want to care for your garage door and understand how to extend its lifespan, you need to know how long motors last. A good garage door motor will last you between 10 and 15 years. Your door has a lifespan of about thirty years. That means that you will have to replace your motor up to three times per garage door. 

Cost of Garage Door Motors 

If you are thinking about replacing your motor or want to educate yourself for the future, you will want to know how much a new one costs. Motors run between $150 and $500. If you hire a professional for installation, you may need to add up to $550 for labor costs. For this reason, many people opt to install their garage door motors themselves. Just beware that changing a motor is not an easy task. It is not a ten-minute job, and it is not simple or straightforward. If you plan to DIY to save yourself money, you need to prepare yourself before diving in. 

A ceiling-mounted garage door opener in silver, one of the many types of garage door motors

When To Change Garage Door Motors 

You know your motor will last between 10 and 15 years. But how do you know when to replace it? Well, you spot the warning signs of failure. Here are three signs of garage door motor failure: 

1. Your Garage Door Won’t Move 

Obviously, one sign that your motor has failed is your appliance failing to move. It may get stuck in either an open or closed position. But your garage door not moving is not always a sign of motor failure. You may have a broken spring or cable. Or your motor could be malfunctioning because of an electrical problem like a tripped circuit breaker. So don’t assume that your opener has reached the edge of its lifespan if your garage door won’t move. There are other issues to rule out first. 

2. Unpleasant Or Loud Noises 

It isn’t abnormal for your garage door to make noises. It’s a big appliance, and there are a lot of parts moving at once. However, certain unpleasant noises like shrieking or screeching signal a problem. It could be your opener motor, so take these sounds seriously and get this part of your garage door inspected. 

3. Your Garage Door Moves By Itself 

Have you been worried that your garage is haunted because your door keeps moving up and down by itself? Put that fear to rest. More than likely, your garage is not full of ghosts. The problem may be your opener. When your opener malfunctions, it can misfire and send repeated signals to your appliance to open and close. This seems spooky at first, but there is a natural explanation for the unauthorized movement. Don’t panic and call an exorcist. Call a garage door technician instead. 

We Work With Garage Door Motors! 

We hope our blog has been helpful in teaching all you need to know about garage door motors. Learning about your opening system and how to take care of it is an important part of being a homeowner. Making sure you schedule regular appointments with a certified technician is also important. If you need any garage door services, rely on our team for help. Contact our team at Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe TX today

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