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Are you passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle? Do you want your next home to reflect an appreciation for the environment? If so, you can incorporate eco-friendly materials in your next home’s design in many ways. Your garage door is one part of your home that can reap the benefits of eco-friendly materials. 

For this reason, you will explore these five eco-friendly garage door materials to consider for your next home. Incorporating any of these materials will allow you to commit to eco-friendly practices while maintaining your garage door’s curb appeal. As you read, remember that eco-friendliness is determined by the inclusion of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing

1. Reclaimed Wood 

Pure wood is one of the most popular garage door materials due to its durability and sophisticated appearance, among other qualities. However, it’s not always easy to track how the wood was sourced and if it was done so sustainably. If you want to avoid the hassle of determining how a wood garage door was cultivated, invest in a reclaimed wood garage door. 

Reclaimed wood garage doors reuse wood from garage doors or other pieces of wood and furniture that were unused but still in good shape. This wood is then “reclaimed” rather than disposed of by being used for new purposes, such as constructing a garage door. With a reclaimed wood garage door, you can add the finishes you desire while reducing deforestation. 

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is not only a popular material choice for eco-friendly flooring. It’s also becoming a desirable option among eco-friendly garage door materials. Unlike most sources of wood, bamboo grows back quickly, allowing you to save more trees. Bamboo is also stylistically versatile in that it can be a great addition to a traditional or modern home. On the flip side, this material will only make sense in moderate climates, as it is not entirely durable in extreme weather conditions. This also isn’t the best choice if you plan to have an insulated garage door. 

3. Glass

Glass is another eco-friendly garage door material to consider if you want to save trees and keep up with the latest trends in garage door design. The type of glass used for garage doors is highly durable since it’s mixed with other materials. There’s also no need to worry about sacrificing your privacy since glass garage doors aren’t always transparent. You can get glass material that’s frosted or tempered in a way that’ll obstruct any inside views into your garage. Another eco-friendly quality of glass garage doors is that they can increase energy efficiency since they increase the presence of natural lighting inside your garage, allowing your HVAC system to take a break. 

4. Steel 

Steel is probably the next most in-demand eco-friendly garage door material. Not only is steel recyclable, but it’s also highly durable, easy to insulate, and can be customized however you wish. Keep in mind, though, that if you are considering steel, you want to ensure the steel is made from recycled and sustainable materials. This is because pure steel garage doors are constructed in a way that produces quite a bit of greenhouse gases.

5. Aluminum 

Aluminum is considered another eco-friendly material option for garage doors, as long as it’s manufactured with recycled materials and via sustainable means. While aluminum can be great for aesthetic purposes, it isn’t durable to the same extent as steel. Aluminum also needs insulation added to it, as it doesn’t come already insulated. 

Install Your New Garage Door With Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe!

Hopefully, learning about just five of these eco-friendly garage door materials will inspire any design ideas for your next home. As stated earlier, the material is only as eco-friendly as its manufacturing process, so find providers that are committed to sustainable practices. When the time comes to install your new garage door, you’ll need to hire the best garage door technicians for the job. If you live in Conroe, contact us at Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe for a flawless installation job. 


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