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Garage Door Springs Service By TopChoice Garage Door Repair Conroe TX

Why Garage Door Springs are Important

Your garage door is made up of so many different parts that it relies on to stay operational. One of these parts that you often overlook is the springs. Normally, the springs can be found close to the ceiling of your garage. Your garage door springs have the purpose of helping the motor open the door. When the garage door is closed, the springs stretch creating potential energy. Once the door is opened, the springs release that energy, helping open the door. This makes it a lot easier for the garage door opener to lift the weight of the garage door. In cases where you have to open the garage door manually, the springs also help. In fact, it would be pretty difficult for a person of average strength to open their garage door manually, which often has to be done when working on a garage door. The two types of springs found on a garage door are torsion and extension springs, with most garage doors using the former. Torsion springs are different from extension springs in that torsion springs have coils that reach the end of the springs, while extension springs have tiny slots that attach to hooks on both ends. Torsion springs are superior in every way, which is why most garage doors use them. Extension springs are only used when the budget is tight or when the garage door does not have enough headroom that the torsion spring needs. If you have to opt for an extension spring out of budget, you can convert to torsion springs later on.

The Danger of Springs

You should never compromise your safety when working on a home improvement project, and garage doors are no exception. The problem with garage door spring repair and replacement jobs is that they expose whoever is doing them to great risk. Springs are probably the most dangerous part of your garage door. You are dealing with high tension springs that can snap and hit anyone or anything in the area with so much force that it can cause great damage. And while torsion springs are dangerous, extension springs are even more dangerous. While it rarely happens, these springs can potentially kill a fully grown human being in an instant, so it pays to be cautious. There are many ways to mitigate the risk of the springs snapping off, which is why you hardly ever hear of professionals getting hurting while fixing springs. Most accidents happen when homeowners attempt to fix their own springs. Most people simply do not have the right set of skills or experience to work with springs. There is also the matter of tools, as a lot of specialist tools are needed to stay safe while working with springs. If you feel you may hurt yourself or your property, you may want to hire a professional like those we have at Garage Doors Conroe Texas.

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Garage Door Spring Repair and Replace Procedures

The tools you will need to replace your garage door springs include vise grips, winding bars, several kinds of wrenches, and a square head or 8 point socket. Special mention must be given the winding bars as they allow you to keep a safe distance while loosening or tightening the spring. Do not improvise as the results could be deadly. Basically, the process involves loosening the spring before working on it, as this releases some of the stored energy that could hurt you and those around you. This is true whether you plan to repair or replace the spring. Repairing the springs is usually just a way to buy time, as when something happens to the springs, it is only a matter of time before they can no longer be used. Once a spring snaps or breaks, it will likely do so again. If you have the time, replacing the spring is a much better idea. However, what is good about repairing springs is that they allow you to have a functional garage door in minutes when you do not have the time to replace your springs, something that can take hours. It also affords you time to find the most affordable springs in the market. Eventually though, you will have to replace your springs as soon as you get the chance. While it may be tempting to simply rely on repaired springs, know that the next time they break could be more disastrous, so it would be best to get new springs at your earliest convenience.

Spring Services from Professionals

It may sound scary to think that fixing a part of your home could kill you. This is why garage door spring repair and replacement jobs are often left to professionals, who are so used to it that they take the necessary precautions by instinct and rarely even stop to think about how they could get seriously hurt if they were to let their guard down. It might cost you more to pay someone to do the job, but it means that you remove the risk of getting hurt in the process. Still, if you want to make sure that you do not have to spend more than you have to, give us a call at TopChoice Garage Door Repair. We take pride in offering competitive prices for all garage door related services in the Conroe, TX area. Whether it has to do with installment, repair, replacement, or maintenance, you can give us a call and make use of our best professionals. We only hire the best in the business, so you can be sure that all our personnel are licensed and certified. This way, you get the most out of your buck because you are only paying for the best. Each of our professionals have years of experience fixing garage doors, so you can be sure that they know how to do it safely, sparing you of injury and property damage. Springs are no problem for us, so if springs are your problem, give us a call.

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