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There’s nothing more terrifying than your home or workplace catching on fire. A place where you could safely live or do your job is suddenly in peril, and the damage will inevitably be devastating. However, it is possible to reduce the impact of this kind of disaster, and one way of doing so involves using fire-resistant garage door materials. Keep reading to learn about fire-resistant garage door materials so you can keep your home or business safe.

Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Where fire-resistant garage door materials are concerned, the first quality you want to look out for is whether or not a garage door is fire-rated and by how much. To clarify, fire-rated garage doors are specifically designed to limit or prevent the spread of fire in a building. Depending on your local building codes, you’ll want to ensure that your fire-rated garage door material has a rating that complies with building safety codes and standards. For commercial buildings, fire-resistant garage doors take the form of coiling overhead doors that are usually made of steel. On the other hand, fireproof residential garage doors typically have an inswing entryway design.

Finding Fire-Resistant Garage Door Materials

Now that you understand the importance of finding a fire-rated garage door, here are the typical options when it comes to finding fire-resistant garage door materials.

1. Galvanized Or Stainless Steel

For commercial properties, galvanized or stainless steel is going to be the number one fire-resistant material for any garage door. This material is the best option for limiting the spread of fire and reducing toxic chemicals. For maximum fire resistance, these garage doors will be in an overhead roll-up style. Galvanized and stainless steel are also more likely to recover from fire damage than other garage door materials.

fire-resistant garage door materials 2 steel

2. Fire-Rated Wood Composite

Some wood composite garage doors are manufactured to include fire-rated materials. If you want to further fireproof your home without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of a classic wood garage door, do your due diligence when researching fire-rated wood composite materials. This process includes finding the right manufacturers, ensuring that the material is up to code, and confirming that it is effective when there’s a fire.

3. Fire Retardant Sprays

While not a traditional garage door material, if you aren’t keen on replacing your current, functional garage door, you can use a fire retardant spray to protect your garage door. Ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly and evenly covered if you plan to use this spray on your garage door.

4. Flame-Resistant Tape

Flame-resistant tape is another tool that can work in tandem with fire retardant spray. When properly applied, this tape can prevent or slow down flames in proximity to your garage door. These tapes are available in many different sizes, so make sure you find one with the correct measurements for your garage door.

5. Other Flame-Resistant Additions

To keep your garage interior safe, you can also install flame-resistant boards, curtains, and wraps. You’ll need to do your research to find the best ones for your garage and perhaps even hire a professional for a seamless installation.

Our Technicians Will Help You Find The Best Fire-Resistant Garage Door Materials!

We hope that this blog has made finding fire-resistant garage door materials much easier. As long as you follow building codes and pick materials that are tested and fire-rated, your garage door should do its job of keeping your home or business safe. Because fires are so unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to ensure your garage door is in the right condition to withstand them. The good news is that if you live in Conroe, all you need to do is contact us at Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe. Our technicians will ensure your garage door is prepared for anything.

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