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Living in a coastal area can be a dream. You aren’t too far from the beach, so you can easily access some traditional summer fun with family and friends. You can also take time to enjoy natural ocean breezes if the water isn’t to your liking.

However, one drawback of living in a coastal area is the impact of hurricane season and other severe storms. For this reason, it’s important to find the best garage door materials for coastal areas. Constructing your garage door out of materials that are compatible with coastal conditions will keep your vehicle and your home well-protected from wind and water damage.

garage door materials for coastal areas

The Best Garage Door Materials For Coastal Areas

In order to be prepared for the most extreme weather conditions you can expect from living on the coast, here are the best garage door materials for coastal areas to consider:

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is considered the number one material choice when it comes to building an ideal coastal area garage door. The material itself is resistant to rusting, rotting, warping, and the impact of UV rays due to being made of plastic. While the paint color options are limited for this material, you can still choose the best one to complement the rest of your home, which also includes a UV-resistant finish. The fact that they’re a lightweight material also reduces the amount of stress they will put on the moving parts of the garage door, allowing it to last longer.

2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the next best option for a coastal area garage door and has the added benefit of being more aesthetically versatile. If you prefer a wood garage door but find yourself hesitant to go with real wood due to how it can be adversely affected in coastal climates, fiberglass is a great option as it can be manufactured with a faux-wood appearance. Like vinyl, this material is also resistant to rusting and rotting, allowing it to last in coastal conditions.

3. Aluminum

If you live in a coastal area with mild weather conditions, aluminum is also worth considering. You can pick a garage door that is fully aluminum or a glass garage door with aluminum framing. While aluminum is rust-resistant, it’s not the best choice for areas that are subject to severe storms. That said, aluminum is highly customizable; just make sure it’s also durable, even in mild coastal weather.

4. Wood Composite

Pure wood is not the best choice for coastal areas, but wood composite that includes plastic is a suitable candidate. The inclusion of plastic in a wood composite garage door will reduce moisture absorption, meaning the chances of rotting and warping decrease. For all its design perks, though, this type of garage door will need lots of maintenance in order to last in a coastal area. Unless you are keen on committing to those upkeep requirements, stick with a material that’s low maintenance.

We Provide The Best Garage Door Materials For Any Weather Conditions!

If you live in a coastal area, there are specific qualities worth prioritizing for your garage door. These qualities include low maintenance, UV protection, corrosion resistance, wind and water resistance, and high durability. You also want to ensure that the appearance of this garage door enhances your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Although not the same as the traditional coast, these qualities are still worth considering if you live in proximity to Lake Conroe. If you’re looking to replace or repair your current garage door, all you need to do is reach out to our Overhead Garage Door Repair Conroe team. Contact us today, and we will give you a garage door that will last for many years to come.

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